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Which services can we help you with?


We partner with your business to improve your supply chain, stock storage and rotation. Shears can fulfil your delivery needs on a local, national and even international level.

We understand that every business has different requirements when it comes to its supply chain management, which is why all of our quotes are bespoke to your unique needs. Whether you have a one-off load or are interested in Contracted Haulage, we will help you find the solution. Our General Haulage and Distribution team has a wealth of experience in transporting a diverse range of products around the UK.

This year will see large investments in new equipment and technology, by the end of 2019 the majority of our fleet will have been replaced with newly branded trucks and trailers equipped with the latest technology and tracking software.





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Local services

Local pallet services in Dorset

We provide bespoke freight solutions to support your business needs across Dorset and the South, including:

  • General haulage

  • Same-day deliveries

  • Palletised distribution

  • Warehousing / Storage

Local Services

Warehousing and storage

Shears 54,000 sq ft distribution, logistics warehouse facility in Dorset enables us to carry out all freight transfers undercover in a secure and clean environment.

Our warehouse Management IT System (WMS) gives our customers the ability to log on via the internet and check the status of their stock holding in real-time. This system logs specific pallets in specific locations within the warehouse which enables us to pinpoint stock items for efficient retrieval.


Our warehouse facility includes:

  • Full height racking system for storing palletized freight,

  • Cantilever racking for oversized crates,

  • Flat floor for block stacking and de-stuffing containers

  • Specific "Pick and Pack" area for order fulfilment. 

National Services
International Services

National Services

At Shears, we understand it is not just our services, but how well we provide them, that keep our customers coming back to us.

Utilising our range of pallet sizes and bespoke service options, we can ensure that we have the right national solution for your business.

  • Next-day delivery options

  • Palletised distribution

  • Members of the Hazchem Network

  • UK pallet carrier

  • National freight groupage

  • Half and full loads

  • Pick & pack fulfilment

We take pride in the quality, reliable and cost-effective distribution service we provide for our customers across the UK. We understand that honesty, integrity and trust have been the foundations of our business. We continue to work on these principals every day.

With our Pall-Ex Connect service, sending a pallet from Bournemouth to Bucharest is as easy as Bournemouth to Birmingham.


With our advanced NexusConnect platform, you can create, book and track all consignments to anywhere around the globe.

Using one global compliant label, sending your goods further afield has never been easier.

International services

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